Understanding Dice Control 101

One of the newest craps strategies that gamblers are practicing is dice control at the table. Also known as rhythm rolling, one often wonders how this technique works.

Skeptics are misled by the use of the term "dice control" since we all know that there is no way to determine the roll of the dice on each roll. In this method, you set the dice by handling them in a particular manner and throwing them in a uniform pattern each time. The aim of controlled throw is to change the randomness of both die when they land. By rolling the dice in a uniform manner, you get into the rhythm to generate huge rolls.

The most important aspect of controlled throw is the set. After setting the dice, you will have to throw the dice smoothly enough to get the dice at the edge of the table. However, the throw should not be forceful enough to bounce it hard back to the table. Make sure that you give enough follow through. You need to practice this craps strategy in order to ensure that you will throw the dice in a uniform manner. Avoid hitting the seven when throwing the dice. Throwing in a uniform manner can generate consistent numbers.

Mastering the art of dice control requires a lot of practice. There are some excellent books on the market that teaches you the fundamentals of controlled throwing. However, you still need to exert some effort in order that you will become an expert in dice control.

In addition, rhythm rolling requires not only constant practice but also physical strength. Dice control is not easy as most people would think. But then again, how can you learn the skill when you would not practice it at all.

Likewise, mastery of dice control will not give you an assurance that you would emerge victorious in the game of craps. It is not enough that you perfect the skill, it is likewise vital to learn how to properly maximize your advantage.

Casinos consider dice control as a form of cheating. Operators are well aware of this which is why they do everything to ban these forms of cheating. However, if you do manage to get away with it, it can reap great rewards for you and your pocket.

Casino gambling is exciting and rewarding. Craps is just one of the many games that can provide you with huge profits if you use the perfect craps strategy.