Getting Ahead With Craps Strategies

Aside from blackjack, craps is perhaps the only other casino game wherein using a trusted craps strategy can help reduce the advantage of the house more than what standard rules can generate.

For newcomers, placing pass line bets is the best way to simplify craps. These kinds of bets require longer time to be completed and will prolong your bankroll much longer. Likewise, you can support them with full odds when the situation calls for it. When you have familiarized yourself with the game pace, you might want to try some Come Bets, which is much faster to complete. In this case, you will have various bets at your disposal simultaneously.

If you are a newcomer, you might want to begin with the basic craps strategy. When you have perfected it, there are various degrees of strategy that you can choose from.

With this strategy, you begin with Pass Line Bets prior to the come-out roll of the shooters. You need to get the hang of it because this is the lone bet you will place with the basic strategy.

While waiting for the shooter's next point, you might want to make a single odds bet after the initial Pass Bet. This is an important bet because you can greatly reduce the house edge to below 1%. When the shooter has made their point again, you get the win based on the value of your odds bet. Take note that the casino will reduce the amount to the nearest dollar if you did not win even money. To maintain an even payout, wager $5 multiples for the sixth and eight point, and even numbers for the fifth and ninth point.

When betting twice or thrice your bankroll, you may want to consider betting double odds as soon as the shooter throws their point. When the shooter is on a roll and you keep on winning, use it to your benefit. Revert to single odd bets when you start losing. If you lose two straight times, wait until the dice is passed on to another shooter. If you lose twice again on the next shooter, it is recommended that you pause for a while because you are on a cold table.

In online craps, the shooter does not have an important role. When playing online, continue placing Pass Line Bets with single or double odds. When playing online, be realistic with your projected winnings. The usual practice by craps enthusiasts is to take a break once they have achieved a certain portion of their initial bankroll. Likewise, you should establish a bankroll so that you will not lose what you have won.

Basic craps strategy is as effective as the other techniques used in the game. It might be tedious but it can give you the reliability that you need in a betting system.