A Look At Winning Craps Strategies

Most craps strategies are focused on making desirable bets and avoiding the undesirable ones. Pass Line, Come Bets, and some Place bets have been avoided by most gamblers. Here we will look at some strategies used in craps that can ensure a successful gambling venture.

Free Odds Bet

The most common craps strategy used by gamblers is to make free odds bets. These kinds of bets offer no advantage so the odds of the bet drop considerably. In a Pass Line Bet, the house edge goes down to 1.41%. By making free odds bet, the house edge drops further to 0.8 percent. By placing odds that is twice the amount of your initial wager, the edge drops further to 0.6%.

Dice Control

Dice Control or rhythmic shooting is a method of throwing the dice in a certain manner so that it would reduce the chances of hitting the 7 when it is an unwanted number or increase the likelihood of rolling it if the number is desired. The gambler holds the dice in a manner that their desired numbers are placed face up and then move their hand so that the dice hit each other but remain in position.

This craps strategy requires some time to practice and master. The aim of dice control is to take away the random nature of the roll. However, bear in mind that you cannot make a wager on your roll. Just make sure that you will be able to determine good shooters and bet when they are shooting.

Detecting and Riding On Streaks and Trends

Whenever you are playing craps and winning numbers starts appearing, keep on betting with that shooter. While there is no evidence to prove their accuracy, experts are one in saying that it is possible to have streaks. The main reason for winning streaks can be attributed to the existence of dice control. Everything will boil down on how long the shooter can maintain the streak. The important thing you need to understand is how to identify streaks at your table as well as in other tables.

Finally, an important craps strategy is to never forget to tip your dealer. In the long run, you will realize that this practice will help you get better odds than what is normally offered by the craps table. Getting improved odds will likewise lower the advantage of the house. Toking the dealer will keep them happy and add more excitement to the game.